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Lorie has presented two webinars for our membership “Conversations in the Workplace – Coaching Managers to Transform Workplace Culture” and “Making Difficult Conversations, Safe Conversations:  Powerful Communication Skills for Women.”  She is an excellent presenter and gave our attendees a communication framework to safely and effectively address difficult and conflict-filled workplace situations.  Instead of just telling people what to do and say, she showed through example how to effectively handle these types of conversations and gave everyone a framework that they can use to tailor their own conversations.  I would highly recommend her to any organization!

KATHY HILL, Women In Technology Webinar Manager

Lorie Reichel-Howe in an excellent communicator and trainer. She has done two webinars and facilitated an HR Round-table for the SHRM Northern California Community (HR Professionals). She has presented “Safe Conversation:  Coaching Managers to Transform Workplace Culture” and “Making Difficult Conversations, Safe Conversations." Lorie uses a communication framework that was very helpful to attendees when communicating difficult conversations. During the HR Round-table she used role-playing to help attendees with examples of positive communication to solve issues. Lorie is a pleasure to work with and has a passion for training and helping others. I would highly recommend her for your next event or professional development opportunity!

GINA AYLLON, Executive Director of Northern California

Lorie provided real life communication strategies on how each of us can positively communicate effectively and honestly with our coworkers, as well as, our family, friends, and partners. 

JANE FAN, Next Concept Human Resource Association, Santa Clara Chapter Programs Chair

Many business manuals and leadership trainings tell you to deal with conflict, rarely do you find training and a trainer that shows you how and coaches you through the process. Lorie provided Rimini Street with practical and powerful skills for effectively addressing tough issues with colleagues. Lorie’s ability to connect relationally with us made each member of my team comfortable practicing dialoguing in real-life conflict-filled work scenarios.

DARREN REMBLENCE, Vice President, Global Security & Compliance, Rimini Street Inc.

Lorie delivered a training to my staff of 145 with professionalism, enthusiasm, and empathy. The staff felt the material was relevant to their needs and easily accessible. Many said they would try to apply the new strategies they learned that same day. I know we are all looking forward to our next opportunity to be trained by Lorie!"

KATHRYN VELAZQUEZ, Managing Director, City Year San Jose, Silicon Valley

Lorie provided what all leaders need: training in effective communication and tools for managing people and ensuring that teams are functioning smoothly.

CHRISTINA VOGEL, Chief Operating Officer, Synergy Academies

Lorie Reichel-Howe is an empowering force.  Her trainings not only provide the tools one needs to successfully connect with others, but she embeds practice of the tools shared in her sessions – which equips one for success at work, home or other environment.  In a few short hours of her conflict training, I felt tremendous growth in my communication skillset.  But even more, I experienced the epiphany of “Wow, I never thought of it that way.”  And that moment of a-ha will resonate with me, and impact how I can relate to others

MARFRISA GERONIMO GIPNER, President, Mid-Peninsula Palo Alto Junior League

It has been a pleasure getting to know Lorie Reichel-Howe and her wealth of experience. Lorie consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism in her collaborative approach toward constructing a conflict management workshop for us. Throughout the process of planning the workshop, Lorie asked great questions and was able to listen and respond with relevant and up to date research around conflict management. Lorie was able to develop and deliver content that was relevant to the needs of our leaders. Further, Lorie demonstrated the utmost care in assessing her performance by developing and administering her own assessment tool for our leaders to reflect upon. 

BOB JUST, Assistant Director for Leadership Development, University of San Francisco

Lorie provided two powerful training sessions for Canoas staff. In a short time, Lorie captivated staff with her energy and enthusiasm, impressed us with her depth of knowledge, and empowered us with strategies that increased both individual and organizational success. Lorie knows how to connect with people. She validates the challenges professionals face in the workplace. Lorie inspired and skillfully trained us to successfully and respectfully respond to conflict.”

BARBARA KEESAW, Principal, Canoas Elementary

Lorie’s training was a gift to the teenage girls participating in the Entrepreneur Make-Up Program. Lorie validated the conflict teens face. She helped participants develop skills for effectively responding when pressures are high, relationships are at risk, and when actions and decisions have serious consequences. With Lorie’s coaching, adolescent girls clearly and respectfully articulated feelings, concerns, and the impact of behaviors. I believe that as these young ladies use and further developed these skills, they will experience increased success in school, in relationships, and in life. Thanks Lorie, for providing such a life-impacting training for today’s youth.”

JENNIFER ERICKSON, City of Santa Clara Gang Resistance Program Task Force

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